Dwarf macaws

These are special, energetic, enterprising, fast learning birds. They are incredibly cunning when it comes to stripping and demolishing all kinds of locks, rings and gadgets...the real escapers among the parrots. In a video you can see how you can make them enjoy flying in the wild...something that typifies them!

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red shouldered macaw
diopsittaca nobilis


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illigers macaw
ara maracana

ara_ara maracana
ara_ara maracana2
Freeflight illigers macaw

Large macaws

These macaws belong to the larger parrot species. Bringing a young macaw together with a similar species or man is very easy, they are very attached, social and stay connected for life.  The colours of these animals appeal to many enthusiasts. Keeping a macaw can be a great source of satisfaction and entertainment. It remains a challenge to keep them in line, but when they feel loved, a human being is fantastic company for them. Macaws can be housed indoors or outdoors in a spacious cage or aviary. The larger the cage or aviary, the better. Besides the size of the cage, enrichment in the cage is also very important. It is an animal that has a certain amount of intelligence and therefore easily learns things like freeflight (learning how to make pets fly loose in the wild) ... watch the video

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blue and yellow macaw
ara ararauna

ara_blauwgele ara1
ara_blauwgele ara2

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blue throated macaw
Ara glaucogularis


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red and green macaw
ara chloroptera

ara_groenvleugel ara1

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Military macaw
Ara militaris

ara_ara militaris3

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scarlet macaw
ara macao

ara_geelvleugel ara3
ara_geelvleugel ara4
freeflight scarlet macaw

Exclusive macaws

These macaws are popular because of their beautiful colours and are ranked on top of the wish list among enthusiasts. They are endangered in the wild and in order to avoid the complete disappearance of certain species, the Washington Convention on Trade in Endangered Species, also called CITES, has been concluded on an international level

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hyacint macaw
Anodorhynchus hyacintinus

anodorhynchus-hyacinthinus-5a1dd54236aac copy
ara_hyacint ara3

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buffon's macaw
Ara ambiguus

ara _ buffon

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red fronted macaw
ara rubrogenys