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No mass breeding Within our breeding programme, quality takes precedence over quantity. The number of cubs per year is strictly under control so that we can raise each young with the same care until it is ready to leave the nest. The first weeks of the animal's life determine its character and health. 

Exclusive species 

The complexity of exclusive species  With the experience and knowledge we have built up over the years, and the adapted installation we provide to raise our birds, we can and may call ourselves specialists. More exclusive species also require a more exclusive approach, which we can offer through our expertise. 

Availability scheme 

Thanks to our structural way of breeding, we always have an eye on which birds will become available in the near future. This way you know what is coming and when each parrot will be ready for sale. A detailed overview of what we currently have and will soon be offering. 

Almost all parrots are protected by the CITES convention (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). This means that there are some legal obligations associated with the breeding and trading of these birds. Each parrot therefore receives a personal passport on which the history and all medical parameters of the animal are recorded.

Global dealer 

Our partner-distribution points handle birds with the same passion and conviction as we do. They are obliged to follow a starting training in which we brief them extensively about our way of breeding, feeding and feeding schedules, optimal living environment ... Each of them also signs a declaration of commitment: the ultimate proof that they will also incorporate the spirit in which we work in their distribution point and towards their client, together with the necessary advice of course. Our partner network extends all over the world. Our permanent agents ensure smooth communication between us as a breeder and the interested buyer



Tailor-made aviaries for your parrot(s)

13 februari 2020

Still looking for a suitable cage for your parrot(s)? Limara also offers aviaries. 

Feeding bowl in stainless steel

20 januari 2020

The macaw feeder is ideal for feeding crombecs, the spindles prevent spilling food. 

Drinking bottle

19 januari 2020

Water, the source of all life... 

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