Our partner-distribution points handle birds with the same passion and conviction as we do. They are obliged to follow a starting training in which we brief them extensively about our way of growing, nutrition and feeding schedules, optimal living environment ... This way they know exactly how to handle the birds, they can take care of them perfectly and also assess when something is wrong. Then they can always contact us for advice and further assistance. 
We hand each bird over to the shopkeeper with an extraordinary amount of love, knowing that they will take very good care of it. Of course we will always make sure that the bird comes home in top condition with the eventual owner. 
Each of our partners also signs a declaration of commitment: the ultimate proof that they will apply the spirit in which we work in their distribution point and towards their client, obviously by the necessary advice. 


Meet our beautiful birds in one of our local distribution points. Ask for advice on the best food, housing, care ... You will discover everything you need to know about your future company.


Our partner network reaches all over the world. Our permanent agents ensure smooth communication between us as a breeder and the interested buyer.