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Healthy nutrition


Healthy nutrition Limara - healthy food

With parrots it is no different than with humans that taking a balanced healthy diet makes your animal shine... 

When switching from weaning to independent food intake, our young animals only receive extruded pellets as a staple food. Pellets contain a variety of natural ingredients such as seeds, nuts, fruit, plant extracts, vitamins, etc... that are present in the right proportions in one diet. Parrots fed only a seed mixture will soon be inclined, as in children, to eat one-sidedly and prefer the least healthy, oily species. More subtle nutritional deficiencies are not often quickly noticed but may eventually indicate obesity, gout, vitamin deficiencies and manifest themselves in chronic diseases, abnormalities or shorter life expectancy of your animal. We opt for a rationed diet depending on the breed, which is composed of a mixture of 70% parrot feed and 30% pellets with the addition of 1 tablespoon mix of fruit and raw vegetables to the food

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