living room parrot

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african grey parrot
psittacus erithacus

If you are looking for a social, smart bird with the greatest power of speech, then you should opt for the grey red-tail. If you are willing to spend time taking good care of your new petfriend you will have a roommate with whom you can grow old together. By training the parrot you can give the animal more freedom which has a positive influence on its mental health. It is best for the cubs to move to their new home between 3 and 4 months. A grey redstart is an active bird. Both in the aviary or the living room cage, there should be enough opportunity, such as toys, for the animal to be entertained. 

papegaai_grijze roodstaart papegaai2
papegaai_grijze roodstaart papegaai3

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eclectus parrot
Eclectus roratus

An eclectus parrot is a remarkable species because the male and female are different coloured, in contrast to most other parrot species. The choice for a noble parrot is quickly made for their incredible beauty of color. The male is predominantly green colored with some blue and red, the hen shines red with beautiful cobalt blue feathers. He or she is characterized to be kind to the whole family (non-monogamous), imitates well and is quite tame to keep. Because the noble parrot produces hardly any feathers, the choice is quickly made as a pet. As with any parrot, it is also important for them to provide enough space to move around. Provide a spacious cage or climbing tree where he or she can move around and climb freely to his or her heart's content.

Limara parrot
prof edelpap
papegaai _ edel

small parrots

If you are you looking for a play bird in your home that can be easily grabbed, these little parrots are for you A parrot that is very curious and belongs to the best whistlers. In short, a very tame housemate who especially wants to be the clown. Hand raised dwarf parrots are very tame, not noisy and have a sweet character, children usually love them. They have beautiful, bright colours and love plenty of freedom of movement and toys. These birds reach sexual maturity between 2 and 3 years and can become between 20 and 30 years old when properly cared for. 

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senegal parrot
Poicephalus senegalus senegalus

papegaai_senegal papegaai2

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black-headed parrot
Pionites melanocephalus

zwartkop prof

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green-thighed parrot
Pionites leucogaster


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perroquet de rüppell
Poicephalus rueppellii